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Thanks for visiting our website! We would love for you to visit our worship service Sundays at 10:45 a.m. We trust you will experience genuineness and authenticity. Our desire is to be real… nothing “showy” or “put-on”. We are just a group of flawed people who are looking to Christ for something different.

“simply Jesus people” is our desire. What does that mean? It means that we aren’t here to promote a denomination. We have no desire to focus on man-made traditions. We aren’t here to emphasize side issues that only divide us from others. We are not interested in anything other than becoming followers of Jesus.

Religion, more often than not, takes us away from something real and life changing. It either develops pride in us or beats us down. But Jesus … he does something entirely different. He shows us the real thing. He reveals love and grace to us.

We would love to have you visit. Blessings!

who we are


Jesus says that God is looking for worshippers or worship in spirit and truth. We long for authentic times in God’s presence. There’s nothing perfect about our music and worship but there is something entirely perfect about Him. Our focus is Him.


We love to be together.
Relationships drive us.

serving together

Our Faith leads to action. We are endeavoring to serve one another and the community.


Online Discipleship designed to fit your schedule and give you options. Complete the form below to begin a class.

Practical Faith

The Book of James


An overview of 52 of the most important scriptures in the Bible.

Our youth group (7th-12th grade) meets on Wednesday Nights at 7 p.m.

Join us weekly for Fun, Food and FAITH!

Nursery (Pre-K & below) / Children’s Church (K-3rd) / Kids Church (4th-6th)
All meet during our Sunday morning services at 10:45 a.m.
Special events and activities are planned throughout the year.

Wednesday nights at 7 pm, adults gather together to talk about the Word and real life.  Join us for a rich time of relationship.


Stay up to date with current events on our Facebook group! Here, Pastor Scott shares his daily focus, an encouraging message and discussion that our members can participate.

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As such, giving a portion of our resources to God is an act of worship and a declaration that God is our provider. We desire that everyone who considers Central their church home make giving a regular and generous part of their lives. Giving should never be done out of compulsion, but with a joyful spirit.

While giving can always be done via cash or check, Central Christian Church also provides electronic giving for the church family. Simply fill out the form below or text the word “give” to 918-553-5758 and follow the instructions.

Giving should always come out of the fruit of our labor and blessings we receive from God. We encourage the use of credit cards for online giving only if the gift does not incur interest charges or debt.